Take this incredible opportunity to give all you’ve got!

People are diagnosed with cancer every single day. Thanks to the advanced health care, many of them survive but unfortunately a lot of them lose their hair as a result of the cancer treatment.

I am here to help people that are living with cancer by collecting any hair donations and sending them over to the Canadian Cancer Society, where your donated hair will be used to make wigs. These wigs will be donated  to people who are undergoing cancer treatments.

Now, I know this is a BIG step for you, but imagine how their lives will be changed thanks to you! Besides, your hair will grow back in no time.


If you’re thinking about donating your hair, here are the requirements:

  • Hair should not be chemically treated (coloured, bleached, permed)
  • Hair must be clean & dry, without any styling products
  • Donated hair must be a minimum of 8 inches long
  • Hair may not be more than 5% gray.
  • wavy & curly hair is acceptable, we will straighten it before cutting.
  • Book your appointment with me today, and start making a change in the world!
  • I will make sure your hair will be delivered to the right hands


Watch this video for more information



When you donate your hair, you are giving a precious gift to a woman in need. I want to make sure not a single gift is wasted, so please be sure your hair meets these requirements before you make the decision.

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