How and Why to Meditate

Meditation – The Best Medicine

the benefits of meditation

We all want to be happy. But often the relentless pace and challenges of life make it impossible to know where to look for happiness.

Through the wisdom of meditation, however, we can find peace and contentment. Through meditation you will discover a profound stillness that will always be with you, beneath the turbulence of all your thoughts and emotions.

When we allow our mind to settle, quietly, in its own natural peace, then what happens is quite extraordinary.

Here you’ll find some great videos about meditation for beginners, and how it’s actually done. Enjoy!


What will meditation do for you:

1. Living With Kindness

It will help you release any bad feelings about others. And will help you forgive others mistakes easily. every time you think of someone you are having a hard time with, every time you encounter the confusion and difficulty of being human, every time you see someone else struggling, upset, or irritated, you can stop and bring loving kindness and compassion through meditation.

2. Lightening the Load

In a stressed state, it is easy to lose touch with inner peace, compassion and kindness; in a relaxed state, your mind is clear and you can connect with a deeper sense of purpose and altruism.  A time of quiet calmness is, therefore, the most effective remedy for a busy and overworked mind.

3. Letting Go of Me

Meditation enables us to see clearly, to witness our thoughts and behavior and reduce self-involvement. Without such a practice of self-reflection there is no way of putting a brake on the ego’s demands.

4. Dissolving Anger and Fear

Meditation invites you to openly let go of negative feeling, and to see how selfishness, aversion and ignorance create endless dramas and fears. Beneath these is a quiet stillness where you can get to know yourself. You will releasing your limitations, while opening to self-acceptance and awareness.

5. Awakening Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. As you sit in meditation and watch your thoughts and feelings moving through you, so you can observe that who you are now is not who you were just a moment ago, let alone a day, a week, or a month ago. Holding grudge is like drinking poison. Meditation will help you let go and forgive.

6. Generating Harmlessness

Simply through the intent to cause less pain you can bring greater dignity to your world, so that harm is replaced with harmlessness and disrespect with respect. Harm is usually caused unintentionally, whether by ignoring someone’s feelings, putting yourself down, reaffirming your hopelessness, disliking your appearance, or seeing yourself as incompetent or unworthy. How much resentment, guilt, or shame are you holding on to. This will help you let go and appreciate life.

7. Being Aware

Awareness is the key to awakening. Almost everything we do is to achieve something: if we do this, then we will get that; if we do that, then this will happen. But in meditation you do it just to do it. There is no ulterior purpose other than to be here, in the present moment, without trying to get anywhere or achieve anything. You are just aware of whatever is happening, whether pleasant or unpleasant. No judgment, no right or wrong. Simply being aware.


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Here are some useful videos and meditation music


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