Positive Affirmations

Start up your day positively by reading these great affirmations on a daily basis until they become a part of you.

The key is to really believe in what you are reading and to make it even more powerful, you must add emotion.

What emotions are going through your mind when reading that, make sure these are positive emotions such as :
Happiness, serenity, gratitude, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, love etc..

The stronger your emotions are while reading these affirmations, the better their effect will be.

Now, you must be thinking that this is like lying to yourself (these things are not true about yourself).
In my opinion, this is not lying, it is telling the truth… in advance…
These are things that you want to feel and have in the future, so you better start training your brain in advance.
How else will you achieve these things otherwise ?

It has worked for me and for many others that I know, all you need is repetition.
Be persistent!

Bedtime Affirmations

Heal yourself

Self Confidence

Self esteem & Self Worth

When feeling social anxiety

When speaking in public

When you are angry

When you are nervous or anxious

When you feel hopeless

When you feel lonely and sad

When you feel you are not good enough

When you want to give up

When you worry about your future

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