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You won’t believe what I just learned

I recently attended a seminar that was conducted in Montreal where they spoke mainly about hair products that are extremely damaging the hair (and skin), and we even got to do some experiments with the “leading brands” such as Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Herbal Essence, TREsemme, and Suave.

I know that’s bad to downgrade other companies, I am not that kind of a person, but I really thought you should know that, because I care about you and your hair more than I care about them.

We used these products on different types of hair (Male & Female) after Colouring, Highlighting, and  after using certain hair treatments (Hair masks, Keratin etc.), and we got to see what the hair looks like through a microscope after using those shampoos (and we compared it to some Salon Products and Organic Shampoos). It was unbelievable:

The cuticles looked completely stripped, the colour faded easily, and some of the participants complained that their hair felt like straw. And it did.

We also met people who participated in a one year long experiment, where each person used one of the brands above 4 times a week for a year. They showed us pictures of their hair BEFORE the experiment, and then we compared it to what it looked like after. I better stop here, because what I saw was just disturbing.


What does that tell you?

You spend hundreds of dollars to look amazing, have a great colour, and great hair. Why not invest a little extra to protect it, prevent dryness, and nourish your scalp with REAL ingredients? It’s like buying insurance.

I hate pushing products, but when you invest so much money and time to have good hair after you leave the salon, trust me, an extra $15 or $20 for a GOOD quality product will only benefit your hair (and skin) in the long run.


What do I recommend?

There are hundreds of professional brands out there.

Are they ALL good? Absolutely NO!

I tried many of them, and I really like only six brands. But here are my TOP TWO so far:

1) Organic Salon Systems

2) Mon Platin

You can simply click on those 2 links and easily navigate by using the different categories on the left hand side (if you are using a computer) and find the right products for your hair type and goal.

If you see something you like, let me know the name of the product/s, and I can provide you with pricing.

If this is too confusing, you can always ask for my recommendation, because I think I know your hair quiet well.

As a thank you for readig this, I am attaching two coupons (One for each brand), which you can use towards any of the products you like.

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Author : David Buriev


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