Who Is The Hair Healer?

 A young, enthusiastic, and professional hair artist who has traveled across the globe, from the warmest part on earth, to the magnificent country Canada, where he finally settled in. All with a major goal in mind, to solve a major problem, a problem you might consider small and funny, but David looks at it as a serious matter.

Here it is:
Lack of Great, listening, and understanding hairdressers!

Are you looking for a hairstylist who is extremely passionate and:

  • Will do only and exactly what you’ll ask for
  • Fast at his work
  • Will give you an honest opinion
  • Reliable and easy to find
  • Friendly and easy to talk to
  • Has a superior coloring & cutting expertise
  • Extremely reasonable with pricing

Look No Further! You have found him!


David Buriev is also the founder of The Hair Healer Academy – and the most popular course available Across Canada is the Hair Extensions Master Course, where ANYONE can join and become a certified Hair Extensions Technician in ONE DAY!

You can read more about the available Hair Extensions Courses at www.hairextensionscourse.ca

David Buriev is also the Author of several books that were featured in many stores and across the internet, and one of them is The Secrets Your Hairdresser Was Always Hiding – You can read more about the book on Amazon HERE and get the Downloadable version, or get your Hard Copy HERE

You may contact David Buriev at any time HERE